Our institution, which is one of the largest vocational education institutions in Kahramanmaraş and has been serving for more than 50 years, continues its education and training activities in formal and non-formal education with a total of more than 1300 students and over 85 teachers, full-year full-time. Our school trains students in the fields of Information Technologies, Accounting and Finance, Office Management, Secretarial, Marketing and foreign trade office staff.

At the same time, open high school education is provided in the departments within the school, and education opportunities are also provided to our citizens who want to acquire a profession. In addition, vocational courses are opened in our school in coordination with the public education center. In these courses, courses are held in the fields of Basic computer use, Web Design, Network systems, Computer Hardware, Android Operating system applications, Accounting and finance, F keyboard (typing) and English. With its strong cooperation with the private sector and one of the most established vocational high schools in our city, our school provides internship opportunities in the private sector to nearly 350 senior students every year. K.Maraş, which was a big city in 2012, is rapidly receiving immigration, growing and developing. It is Turkey's 16th largest economy. In addition to being the largest textile city in the region, it is also in a rapid growth in the field of food and industry. Our institution works within the framework of its corporate strategic action plan in order to renew itself in order to increase the skills and employment of its learners and to adapt to the developing sector.

With the Leonardo Da Vinci program, our institution has hosted a total of 32 foreign students since 2009 by offering internship opportunities in different businesses. in 2011

With the LDV project we prepared, we contributed to the professional development of 32 students by having them do internships in their own fields in Finland, Slovakia, Italy and Germany.

We supported the project by applying the CLIL methodology in our school in the K2 project called VET of CLIL, which we were a partner between 2018-2021.

With the "children's theater project" we have done in 2012 with DOĞAKA (eastern Mediterranean development agency), we offer children's plays in towns and villages to students who do not have the opportunity to watch theater.

has been exhibited. This game, prepared and performed by the teachers and students of our school, increased the motivation of our students. Being a large and experienced institution

With the advantage it has, we have enough personnel to prepare and carry out all kinds of youth and vocational projects and to disseminate the results. Long

Our school, which has been preparing EU Leonardo(Erasmus+) projects for a long time and providing internship opportunities to the students of the project partners in our city, has actively worked in many processes of EU projects, which has increased the expertise and skills of our staff in this field.