The VET Schools MESU Information Meetings

The VET Schools MESU Information Meetings

Within the scope of our project, we have completed our project information visits to the vocational high schools in our district.

 In the schools we host, students;

  • Establishment, management and operating processes of a company,
  • Product marketing and Entrepreneurship competencies through established virtual companies,
  • Financial school writing,
  • Design and advertising competencies (Digital Competencies)
  • Professional foreign language competencies,
  • General information about the Turkish National Agency and Erasmus + Programs

We organized trainings covering their subjects.

Within the scope of the training, we reached over four hundred students. We both introduced our project to the students and exchanged ideas about new opportunities in vocational education and Erasmus + projects.

Some students in the schools we visited wanted to voluntarily participate in our project work at our school. They started working by establishing virtual companies in their own schools. We guided them in the WhatsApp groups they set up and enabled them to participate in the Virtual Vocational Education Fair we organized at our school in June. These positive returns to our project also made us happy.

Those who host us in their schools;

  • Boğaziçi MTAL
  • Cumhuriyet MTAL
  • Kahramanmaraş MTAL
  • Mado Akdeniz MTAL
  • lip>Mükrime Hatun MTAL
  • Özel Necip Fazıl MTAL
  • Özel Ayyıldız Koleji MTAL
  • Ticaret Sanayi Odası MTAL
  • Şehit İdari Ateşe Galip Özmen MTAL

We would like to thank the school administrators, teachers and students.